Friday, August 12, 2011

Social Knitworking

Check it out: Victoria's Monday Magazine featured an article about knitting and knitting groups! I love it when non-knitting or fiber arts related publications have articles on knitting. I love it even more so when they talk about how cool knitting really is and try to break the "Grandma" stigma that's attached to knitting.

Know what else I love? Seeing random photos of people knitting. Especially celebrities. Cause it brings knitting to light how fabulous this craft really is. When I first found out that Kristen Stewart (of Bella/Twilight fame) knits and was photographed knitting on sets, I had to giggle with glee. Yes, we all know that Julia Roberts knits and has encouraged co-stars to knit. But did you know that Kristen Davis (Charlotte on SATC), David Arquette (he's on the cover of Celebrity Scarves 2), and apparently Russell Crowe all knit?? Yeah...bad ass.

Mary (our "Queen Bee" as I like to call her) was interviewed for this article (she's the one in the photo with me), and even though I'm in the photo, I wasn't interviewed. I was just there to look pretty. HA! I'm just glad that I wasn't referred to as a "Yarn Hussy" (thanks Jennifer!). Anyhoo, if you're in the Victoria area snag yourself a copy of Monday Magazine (it's free!). If not check out the article here and let me know what you think about the new popularity in knitting.


  1. sweet! i thought it was you!!! loved the article too :)

  2. Hey, now YOU'RE the one that's famous. :) A local celebrity in print!

  3. I was so excited about this article! ..and then totally blown away when I saw your pic! Very very cool, so cool I had to blog about it, lol.



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