Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Purely Random

WIP - Mystery Shawl Colours
So this is going to be totally random since I'm unable to sit in one spot for an extended amount of time (re: the Munchkin is on the loose and apparently Mummy is suppose to chase him around the house until he gets bored and wants to play a different game) and can't really type out a lovely coherent post. The best I can do right now is point form mish mash. So here we go:

- the weekend was ├╝ber busy and full of excitement, and I think the rest of the week is going to be just the same.

- I have a parade of friends arriving in town, one after the other, for visits. The first of the friends was my friend Ann, who was in town with her team for the Dragon Boat Festival. I haven't seen Ann since last year's festival. I really wouldn't count last year as a true visit though since I had only seen her for a few seconds. Literally. I had leaned over the railing seconds before she was suppose to get on the boat and wished her luck and apologized for not being able to hang out. I had family in town that weekend. Visiting with Ann made me remember just how much I miss my friends in Vancouver and the city itself.

- I was quickly distracted away from my feelings of nostalgia by the Munchkin's trip to the ER. He decided to pull a heavy weight off a shelf and it had landed on his big toe. It's nothing serious, but he might lose his toe nail and there is a slight chance that it may never grow back. His toe doesn't look bad though. It does bleed from time to time and so a box of bandaids must always be near by.

- since the Munchkin's accident, I can't look at his toe without getting the heebie jeebies. The sight of blood makes me queasy. Add in the fact that his toe nail looks like it's just sitting on top of his toe and is soft to the touch makes me even more grossed out.

- twice I've found bloody bandaids stuck to me. But only after discovering that the bandaid had fallen off the Munchkin's toe and wondering for at least 12 hours where in the world said bandaid could be.

- if it weren't for the fact that the Munchkin is my son, having a used bandaid stuck on my persons would have seriously grossed/freaked me out. Ew.

- I got a fair bit of knitting done over the weekend. Only because I made the decision to sacrifice sleep in order to get the knitting time.

- I've been working on a new cardigan with a new set of needles and I swear these needles make me knit faster!! It's been a week and I'm already done the body! If I wasn't such a project hussy I'd be done this already, and then this would've been the fastest that I've ever knit up a full adult-size garment.

- I've been slacking on the mystery shawl because of the aforementioned cardigan, but not to worry, I'm back on track and am at the crossroad of deciding whether to knit the medium or large size.

- I'm going to go with the large so that I can use up most of the yardage that I have. Meaning, I still have a fair bit of knitting to do before the last clue is released.

- sadly, I didn't get any sewing time. Although, last night Brett and the Munchkin went outside for a bit to play some road hockey. I decided to forego doing the dishes in favour of sewing.

- I'm hoping to list at least 2 more bags in my etsy shop in the next few days. I was really hoping to sew up some sweater/large size project bags over the weekend but now I'm thinking it'll take me another week to get that going.

- I'm super excited that I've sold a few bags already!! Thank you so much to those who have purchased one and for your support. You don't know how much this means to me!!

- Don't forget to enter my shop's grand opening giveaway here if you haven't already. I'll be picking the winner on Saturday!!

- I'm hoping I'll get some sleep in sometime this week. All my knitting projects are consuming me and the past week all I can think about it knitting!! Am I going crazy? Does anyone else think about knitting 24/7?

- I'm also hoping to get some finished projects blocked this week too. I swear, I do finish projects, not just start them!

'Til next time, happy knitting Blogging Friend! ♥

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