Tuesday, January 25, 2011

12 in 2011

A week or so ago I decided to join the 12 in 2011 movement. I had seen tons of references to it throughout the winter holidays all over Ravelry and blogland but thought nothing of it. Then one bored night while surfing Ravelry I saw yet another ravatar pertaining to 12 in 2011 and decided to once and for all find out what it meant. To my delighted surprise I discovered that it was an idea that was pretty much similar to what I was thinking about doing for the new year!

Basically, 12 in 2011 is a sort of self-imposed "club" where you pick 12 projects (or more if you're that ambitious enough and/or are a fast knitter, or if all your projects are relatively small and quick) and shop within your stash for the yarns to go with each. Then you pack up the pattern, the yarn(s), all notions that you may need to finish the project (like buttons or a zipper), and maybe a little treat or something to reward yourself with when you complete the project, all up together. Kinda like a kit. Now, the rules are pretty relaxed, in the sense that you can knit, crochet, or weave up all the projects in one month if you want (it's not a competition!) or make nothing but shawls if that's what you want to do. You can even swap out projects and yarns if you feel like it (I'll most likely will change my projects once or twice). The whole point is to not buy yarn for any of the projects and to put a dent in that ever-growing list of knitting "to-do". It is also ideal to not buy patterns for your projects but to use up that patterns that you already have, that may be free, or that you can find in a magazine.

It's not official on the group's FAQ page if you're allowed to buy yarn anyways, but part of my 101 goals is to not buy yarn for at least 2 months. I've tried and failed at this goal several times, but I'm determined to accomplish it. Starting next month. Yes, I know that February is the shortest month of the year, and in some people's eyes (ahem, Brett) that would be considered cheating. I beg to differ. February is still a month. So it counts. Anyways, my goal for the entire year is to not buy too much yarn and to try to use up some of the yarn that's been in my stash for way too long now. I don't want to claim that I'm not going to buy any yarn period, cause I know that will be an epic fail and I would like to avoid feeling like a failure.

Anyhoo, back to the 12 in 2011. I've already picked out my 12 projects and even have a few extra just in case. A lot of these projects have been at the very top of my queue for a long time, but have always been pushed aside for ones that involve me buying more yarn (bad Melissa, bad!). I've already printed out each pattern and stuck them in page protectors, and have all the yarns ready and at hand in the drawers of my bedside table. How's that for organized? Some of the projects that I plan on knitting:

12 in 2011 - Project Ideas
First image via
Second and third image via

The first photo on the left is Juliet. I'm still undecided on whether or not I want to do the closures like the one pictured. To me it seems like only the insanely skinny can get away with that "gaping" look. I fear it will make me look wide and like I'm wearing a shrunken cardigan. The second photo is the Phinney sweater from a Berroco booklet that I had purchased over the summer when I was in Kelowna. When I bought the booklet I had also bought the yarn to go with it, but then couldn't decide if I really did like the pattern or not. My first instinct was to go out and buy more yarn...just in case. Um... moving along. The third photo is also by the same designer as Phinney and in another Berroco booklet that's in my collection. It's the Baudelaire jacket that mixes military inspiration with feminine ruffles. Ever since the pattern came out in June I've been dying to knit it but have been slightly turned off by the fact that it is knit in pieces and would require a lot of hand sewing - something that I like to avoid at all costs.

With that said, you better believe that I've got a bunch of seamless projects lined up! Cardigans mostly. Like these:

12 in 2011 - Projects 2
First image via
Second image via
Third image via

That's Emelie in the yellow. This design combines all the things I love in a cardigan - it's seamless, has 3/4 length sleeves, and has a simple lace pattern to keep the knitting interesting. I'm still undecided about what colour to knit it up in, all I know is that the yarn will be SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock. I have this yarn in several colours and a lot of it in sweater quantities, I just might have to close my eyes and use whatever my hand touches first. I'm really loving how the cardigan looks in yellow, but don't think I can knit mine in yellow since I've already knit Queen Bee in that colour. Not that it would matter cause I don't have enough yellow yarn in my stash anyways.

Next up is Audrey in Unst from Twist Collective. Another pattern I've been dying to knit since its' release. Just like Emelie, this pattern contains all the elements that I love in a cardigan. The only fault with this pattern is the twisted rib used at the hem and cuffs. As much as I love the look of twisted rib, I'm not a fan of knitting it. Maybe if I was a continental knitter I would like it, but as a thrower I can see myself cursing throughout the several inches needed of this stitch.

The last photo is Jane Richmond's Georgia. Named after and made with SweetGeorgia Yarns. I absolutely love the simplicity of this cardigan and think a simple, fitted cardigan is a wardrobe must-have. Everyone should have at least one, if not an assortment of these in their closets. At first I was undecided on which colour to use for this project but then realized that it didn't really matter anyways cause I plan on making several of these cardigans in as many colours as I can. Just wish I was a fast enough knitter to accomplish this!

I also added a few socks and shawl projects to do during the summer when lighter yarn and smaller projects are a must for knitting in the hot heat. Not to mention are easier to transport while traveling on summer vacations and ferry rides. I have yet to make a solid decision as to which of the many sock patterns I have listed in my queue to do. So far the front runners are Monkey (I've always wanted to try a Cookie A. pattern!) and Jaywalker. But the Leyburn and Manolo patterns are also calling my name. And I've always wanted some Noro-striped knee socks...hmm...maybe 2012 is the year I do a self-imposed sock club à la Yarn Harlot style. Ooohhh...now there's an idea.

First things first though. Must get 12 in 2011 done. Wish me luck!


  1. the Juliet is super easy - I made one for my niece and it took me no time. Sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks for the reassurance Nat! I was a little nervous that it was going to be one of those knits that will take me forever to finish!



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