Saturday, April 4, 2009


...I could go rollerskating and break in my new wheels. I've been wanting to lace up the skates and go out and peruse the giant parking lot outside my house. But alas, the weather is not cooperating! Which brings me to the photo above - it's the corner of unworn footwear. It's been raining at night here, so during the day it's not wet enough to wear the Hunters, yet it's too wet to wear the skates. Grrr....

Another thing about the photo, it reminds me of a conversation Brett and I had a few nights ago when Brett was trying to find something (I forget what it was that he was looking for) and he made a comment about how I own way too many things that are pink. I told him I love pink. Hot pink.

Brett: "Well not everything can be pink. You can't have a house full of pink."

Me: "Says who?? Why can't I have a house full of pink?? Barbie's dream house is all pink...hell, everything about Barbie is pink!"

Brett: "Yeah, well...that's Barbie. You ain't Barbie."

Me: "No. No, I'm not Barbie. I'm me, and I like pink and everything I own will be pink. You'll see. End of story."

Brett: "Ok. (At the front door rooting around the counter) What the deuce?? Why is this corner dedicated to pink and black footwear??"

Personally, I don't think I own enough pink. looks looks dry if only those clouds that are rolling in will roll away...

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