Monday, August 8, 2011


Parliament Skyline Sunrise
Hellooo Blogging Friends! I'm pretty sure you didn't know or even notice, but my internet was down all weekend. My internet problems started Thursday, when my service would go offline sporadically and then made it officially offline as of Friday morning. It was such a bummer and of course my internet provider was of no help whatsoever. Luckily I could still get internet service on my mobile so I wasn't completely cut off and could still check my email and Ravelry (although, trying to respond to anything was extremely time consuming). I have to admit that a part of me liked not having internet access, as it really got us to spend more time outside and do stuff together as a family.

I was really hoping to get some crafting done this weekend, but that didn't happen. At all. If I wasn't outside with the Munchkin then I was somewhere dealing with a toddler that was throwing a massive tantrum/fit/stand off about who knows what. Ahhh...the terrible twos. The only time I got any knitting done was when I was at the office of my internet provider, where I was waiting in line for 45 minutes to find a way to resolve whatever issue it is that my internet is going through. It really is times like these that I'm so glad that I'm a knitter...those 45 minutes flew by and I was able to get a whole pattern repeat and a bit knit up before it was my turn. Yay for not having to stand there bored out of my mind!

Even though not much crafting was accomplished this weekend, I still have quite a bit of stuff to share with you. I even have some really exciting news! But I'm going to have to share that with you tomorrow. Right now I'm so exhausted that I've been reading the same sentence over and over for the past 5 minutes without even realizing it. Yeah, that's a pretty good sign that I need to hit the hay!

**Yes, I know that the photo above has nothing to do with the actual content of this post, I just thought it was pretty.


  1. ooo, but I want the really exciting news now! hope things are well :)

  2. Lol...I think it'll be old news to you now. Things are well, how are you?? I was hoping the next time I heard from you the baby would be born and ready for cuddles! :)



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