Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Beekeeper's Quilt

O...M...G! I am SO in love with this quilt! Seriously. I spied this quilt on Ravelry the day the pattern for it came out, and have been thinking/dreaming about it ever since. It's pure love. I SO need to make this. I don't even care that it took the designer (the lovely Stephanie from tiny owl knits) a whole year to make this. I think it is totally worth it. Don't you? I mean, look at it! Gorgeous!!

I know I've always said that I could never do a sock yarn blanket cause it takes too much time, and the thought of hand sewing all those pieces together? Yeah, that alone scares me. Then I started reading the pattern description and such a labour intensive project didn't seem that bad. Or at least this one doesn't seem that bad. Since the honeycombs (or hexipuffs, as they are lovingly called by tiny owl knits fans) are double sided, there's no need for a lining...or, if you're ├╝ber picky like me there's no ugly backside to worry about. But what about joining the pieces together, you ask? Well there's a guarantee that the process is quick and easy. The pieces are tied together at the corners. No jokes. It sounds like I'm trying to convince myself that I can knit this and shouldn't worry about the time frame and finishings, doesn't it?

It doesn't help that I also have a crap-ton of sock yarn left overs. After all, I am a person that knits about 90% of her projects in fingering yarn. So what better way to use up all those bits and bobs than a sweet ass quilt? The designer had made this in between other projects and had even took a four month hiatus, and still managed to complete this in a reasonable amount of time. I love the portability factor of this project. Seriously, all you need are your needles, a tiny ball or a mini skein of yarn, a crochet hook, and some poly-fil...all in a little pouch. How easy is that to put into your handbag on your way out the door? It makes me heart this even more.

To top it all off, I think each individual honeycomb will feel like a project in of itself. Like baby knits, they are so small and can be an instant gratification thing, especially if you were to use a different yarn/colour than the one just made. I really want to knit one of those cute li'l hexipuffs now, just to see how cute/fast/easy they really are. I'm already envisioning my own basket full of puffs! Although, this might take me longer than a year to do (IF I do end up doing this), since I would like mine to fit our king size bed...that's over 700 puffs!! Eep!

I better think this through...or get, now! In the mean time, last night I finally got around to blocking part of a project that was started at the beginning of the year. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll dry by tonight so that I can start working on it again, and maybe I can block the other half tonight. Hopefully I'll have an FO to show in the next few days.

Totally off topic, I did have a post written up about the long weekend but something weird happened and the internets ate my post!! How frustrating is that?? I was saving my work as I was going along and then when I went to publish the page went crazy and before I knew it, the post was blank. It was no where to be found. Grrrrr... At least I got to spread the word about this fabulous quilt, and entice whoever is reading to knit this with me! Any takers?


  1. OH my GOD. This is amazing. I am making one too, no excuses. We can compete hexi-poufs. - Shannon

  2. Hexi-poufs!?!?!? This is crazy. That is why I love it! :)


  3. oh my that quilt is amazing! and all those little hexi puffs are so cute. I definitely think you should make one. What a great way to use up leftover yarn. How many hexi puffs do you need to make for it?

  4. Shannon:
    My thoughts exactly when I saw this quilt! Oh, if you make one too we can egg each other I'm sure trying to get even 100 of the puffs done will be challenging!

    Crazy. Like a fox. ;)

    I'm thinking I'm going to need at least 780 puffs to make a quilt that will fit my bed. Pure craziness, I know. But I think it will be soooo worth it in the end!



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