Saturday, November 14, 2009

7 Days of Twilight - Day 1: Bella's Jacket

Image via thebeautyspot

First up on the docket in this series of the '7 days of Twilight' posts: Bella's blue jacket. The jacket that Kristen Stewart wears in all Twilight movie advertisements and in various scenes in the first movie in the saga.

This much sought after jacket is made by BB Dakota and was originally called the "Leigh Cargo Zip Hoodie" in a color called "Lake Blue". The story behind the now famous jacket is that Twilight costume designer, Wendy Chuck, was in dire need to find a jacket for Bella and had to make a run to Nordstrom at the last minute. The jacket she brought back to the set was found in the clearance section and had apparently not been selling well across the country. Since the release of the movie the jacket has all of a sudden been in hot demand. BB Dakota jumped on this opportunity and decided to reissue the jacket back in June and re-named it the "Twilight Jacket".

You can purchase the jacket over at Metro Park ($79 US) and at Fred Flare (for a few bucks cheaper, since they are selling the jacket at a mere $64 US). Or you can luck out like I did and find it by chance at an Asian shopping center, where I'm sure they had no idea at the time what they had in their store...since they were carrying pretty much the entire BB Dakota line. I quite like the jacket, and it completely suits the west coast weather. The exterior is a cotton canvas and is lined in a cozy fleece, which is perfect for the really chilly days we've been having lately. I had taken photos of myself in my jacket back when the little family and I went on Brett's company's camping trip. I decided not to post them, since I didn't wear any makeup the entire trip and the photos were taken on the last day of the trip...and I hadn't washed my hair all weekend. So I thought I would spare y'all the horrors of having to see me in that state.

Anyways, so where did this jacket show up in the movie? Well, Bella first wears this jacket in the forest/meadow scene. The part where she trots off into the woods behind the school and proceeds to tell Edward of her observations of him and that she knows what he is, and Edward tells her to "say it, say it out loud".

Image via Fred Flare
"Vampire", Bella says timidly, breathing heavily.

Image via fanpop
"You're like my own personal brand of heroin."

Image via fanpop
The meadow scene

Bella wears the jacket again during the ballet studio scene where she faces James, thinking she was there to save her mother. Silly rabbit.

Image via Fred Flare

Image via fanpop

So that's it for Day 1! Stay tuned for Day 2...


  1. Awesome jacket! I wish they sold them somewhere in Aus.

  2. whoa, way to be so topical with your post!

  3. Kat:
    I'm sure Fred Flare ships internationally. But I think the shipping might be a little on the costly side (sorry!).

    That's how I roll Dude, that's how I roll... :)

  4. Any one know who makes that vest Edward wears in that scene?!!!



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