Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Helter-Skelter Tuesday

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Where has the time gone? I can't believe the weekend has already come and gone! I feel like I haven't posted in ages. Guess what I was doing this entire time? Knitting. Who would've thunk it? A knitting blogger, actually knitting? Anyhoo, I woke up this morning feeling a bit discombobulated. Most likely from being so scatter-brained all weekend and not being able to concentrate on one thing. At all. So I give you yet another post about random thoughts. That, and I'm having a hard time keeping my attention on the task at hand.

- for the past few weeks I've been waking up at un-godly hours. Like at 4 or 5am and not being able to fall back to sleep. As a result I've been falling asleep at like 8 or 9pm at night. It's messing up my crafting time...oh yeah, and my solo time with Brett.

- I kinda like being up so early in the morning. It's very peaceful. I feel like I have the house all to myself and I can enjoy my first (and sometimes my second and third!) cup of coffee without any interruptions, I can knit for an hour and not worry about doing the dishes or the several loads of laundry. And most importantly, it's nice to have the "me time" that I desperately need.

- I find that 9am is when I've been feeling the most energetic, which is saying a lot considering that I still feel like I'm in slo-mo 99.9% of the time. 9am is when the lethargy lets up just a smidge that I can actually do something without fighting the heavy eyelids.

- so what have I been doing at 9am pretty much every morning this past week? I dance. To Dance Central. And BEP Experience. I kid you not. I think I've even lost a few pounds. I've been working up such a sweat that there's been a few times where I had to peel down to nothing but a tank top and shorts. But I'm going to put it out there that whatever you do, DO NOT put on high heels out of curiosity and try to do a dance routine in them. Just don't. Let's just say that I have a whole new respect for Fergie for not only singing and dancing at the same time, but for doing it in such restricting outfits and killer heels.

- my feet still hurt.

- I lost my battle with Starteritis.

- I've been fighting the Starteritis since the beginning of the month, but should've known that it was going to happen one way or another. A hint that it was going to hit: when I had started a pair of socks, a scarf, and a sweater in one day. Another hint: you have have cast on three new sweater projects in a week.

- one of the sweaters that I had cast on was going along swimmingly. Then I hit a bump. I turned to Ravelry to find some answers, only to find out that mathematically the pattern in my size just doesn't work. Knitters who have made my size improvised the entire time. The designer even commented that she was going to work on the pattern over the weekend. So I put the project down and started another (so clearly, the designer is at fault for why I started another sweater!). Then I discovered this morning that my size was omitted from the pattern. Crap.

- I'm way too far into the pattern to frog the whole project.

- I don't think I'm experienced enough to fudge it to make the pattern work.

- I think I'm going to try anyways. But am going to have to wait to give it a go for another early morning, when I have complete and total uninterrupted time to concentrate.

- as if starting three new sweaters wasn't enough knitting for my plate to handle, I picked up a long forgotten WIP that was part of a KAL a few of the girls in my knitting group and I have started. I'm now entranced with this project and have now abandoned the freshly cast on projects.

- I may or may not have joined the newest round of the Vesper Sock Yarn Club by Knitterly Things that will commence February. I am not at fault here. I have a major weakness for self-striping yarns. Technically this does not count towards my "no-buy" months, as this is a club. Um...can you say loop hole!

- speaking of self-striping yarns, I received a few skeins at knit night on Friday from my friend Em of Everything Old. These yarns also do not count in my "no buy" policy because we were in talks of doing these skeins since November.

- I told you I could find loop holes in anything. Even within my own rules.

- I recieved some more yarn in the post last week that's part of a yarn club. It's staring at me, begging to be turned into something. Now. I'm finding it extremely hard to resist its allure and want to wind up a skein of it...just feel the yarn glide through my fingers...and maybe knit up a swatch...but I will NOT cast on a new project.

- this grey and gloomy weather is really putting a damper on my photography time. The natural light in my place currently sucks and so I will have to dig into the "archives" and see what I can find. I'll apologize now if you keep seeing the same photos over and over. Anyone have any tips on how to get decent photos indoor? So far the natural light bulbs are doing nothing for me. Le sigh.

- I'm also having some major issues with Blogger in the formatting and font. It's kinda turning me off of blogging. My Google-ing has not turned up anything valuable in terms of how to fix these issues and am wondering if I'm going to have to live with having blog posts that are written in several different fonts and sizes, without having to manually go into each post to fix it.

- I think I'm going to dance to Poker Face to let off some steam.

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  1. i had a look at the vesper yarn and HOLY COW it's gorgeous!! i can't believe the colors! self striping yarn is the best invention since food and ball winders. i so need to get me some of this! loopholes woot woot!



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