Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WIP: Smokin'

Smokin' Yarn
So...I just realized that Christmas is only less than two weeks away and you know what? For once, I'm not stressed out! Brett and I have made it really easy on ourselves this year and have decided to not only stay home again (yay for not having to deal with the Coquihalla!), but we thought we'd nix getting presents for each other and just
join forces and buy a new TV (and entertainment center). We've been thinking and wanting a new TV for so long but weren't in a hurry to get one. Until the TV that we had conked out and made the decision for us to get a new one right now. Thanks TV!

Since neither of us need anything in particular (we've been conscious about what's coming into the house ever since we started purging), and the things we want we would just buy ourselves (although, I would never turn down gifts of yarn...unless it was Red Heart. Ew.), we thought we would then turn our gifting attention to the Munchkin. Even our families have made it super easy by requesting nothing and instead asked that we use the money we would have spent on their gifts for things for the Munchkin. I went even further in the stress reduction and had started buying the kiddo gifts since September. Hells yeah for not having to deal with the mall and for not having to scramble for last minute presents!

It was glorious that all weekend all I did was knit and enjoy quality family time. My sewing machine saw me a few times, but no late-night benders happened. Instead, I got to snuggle with Brett, and in the mornings the Munchkin would sneak into our bed and we would have family cuddle time for a bit before the Munchkin realizes that he'd rather be downstairs eating Cheerios and playing with trains than be with his dorky parents! I'm thinking for my sanity (and health) I should sew every fourth night. Hmmm...maybe I should do either a calendar or spreadsheet and figure out fabric cutting, sewing, and serious knitting days. I mean yeah, I knit throughout the day but I really like having a huge chunk of time to spend with my knitting needles and getting a ton done. Hmm...that's something to consider...a craft calendar...interesting.

Anyhoo, I digress. I do have holiday baking to get started on, and I did promise Brett that I would knit him a sweater. But we both have the understanding that the sweater isn't really a Christmas present and therefore I don't need to knit at break neck speeds to get it done for the 25th. Yet, I would love to surprise him by having it done by then anyways. Two weeks? I think it can totally be do-able. As long as I don't knit on anything other than his sweater. I'm staring at you, you other projects! Don't get in my way and try to tempt me into knitting you up!

What have I got done so far? Just this:

WIP - Smokin

Yeah...not much. Just 17.5" of garter and stockinette. When I first measured Brett he had wanted the body to be 18" long. But then after re-measuring and placing what I had knitted up against him, he decided maybe he'd want this to be more smoking jacket like and have the length to match. So why not make it 22.5" long? Crap. That extra length puts a damper on my knitting schedule. My plan is to knit like a fiend today and get the body done and hopefully start and get half of the first sleeve knitted up. I'm giving myself two days to knit it, then another two days to knit the second. That's reasonable, right? No rush, right? I have a plan people. I think I can do this. I just need to stay on track.

So far this pattern has been easy peasy. Seriously, the body didn't even have any increases or decreases. Yet I'm not looking forward to knitting the saddle shoulders. I read that this pattern is pretty vague on the instructions on how to knit that part. A lot of people on Ravelry claimed that they had to go elsewhere to learn how to knit the saddle shoulder. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't run into any problems. But knowing my luck, it'll be smooth sailing and I'll get my hopes up high thinking I can totally get this finished in time. Until the shoulders. That's when the proverbial shit hits the fan and I'll be screwed and then this entire project will get thrown into a plastic shopping bag and shoved into the back of my closet. That'll teach the project for being a difficult arse!

Cross your fingers for me that this won't happen. Please?


  1. I just started reading your blog a couple of months ago, but this is my first time commenting. I made the same sweater for my husband a couple of months ago, in the exact same colour! (http://stitchparade.com/?p=857) I had never made a saddle shoulder before and found the instructions to be quite good, despite the fact that I was also put off by other Ravelry reviews. There is errata published somewhere (maybe the book’s publisher’s website?). So, all that to say, you'll do great with this baby - have fun!

  2. boo yeah! i can't wait to see this done up! i've looved this sweater soo much for a while.. i don't know that it's my hubby's style, sadly.. we'll see.. maybe i can convert him. :)

  3. Like the Yarn Harlot: Tuesday is for Spinning. You too can have your own craft calendar! :)

  4. Andrea:
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading! Also, thanks for letting me know that the shoulders aren't that bad after all! :) As much as I love Ravelry, sometimes having too much information can make you less fearless in your knitting, if you know what I mean. I took a peak at your Smokin' and it looks amazing! The buttons you used were the exact buttons that I'm planning on putting on too! You know what they say about great minds... ;)

    Thanks! I can't wait to get this done too. Mainly for selfish reasons...I think I would love this in a more feminine version for me! It took a while for Brett to come around to this pattern, so maybe your hubs needs some time too?

    Lol..I love how every single knitting or even crafting problem can be related to the Yarn Harlot in some way. That woman definitely has some great words of wisdom!



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