Monday, March 9, 2009

Fin: All-Star Half Apron

I just finished this apron this afternoon, when the little one was going nuts in his jumperoo - showing off for Brett, who was watching/playing with him. Since cutting this apron out a few weeks ago, I was only able to sew a seam here and there. I swear my wee one has a sixth sense as to when I'm sitting at my sewing machine cause he always wakes up from his nap the second I turn the machine on. Sewing this bad boy was easy peasy...the fabric, well...not so easy peasy. It's very thin and gauze-y. Trying to sew the waistband only made the fabric distort the shape. I made this apron based off of a vintage pattern from the 50's. I think if I were to sew this again, I would shorten the length and make it wider at the sides apres gathering. I would also taper the ends of the ties in the back. And, depending on the fabric, I'd add lightweight fusing to the waistband so that it would keep its shape.

Here's the view of the back:
I made the ties a little longer than what the picture of the pattern called for.

I like how the apron turned out but truthfully, cause of how wispy the fabric is, I don't think I would be using it while cooking. I'm not heartbroken about it though, it's a nice addition to my apron collection...which is made up of 2 other aprons so far.

I managed to get to the fabric/quilting shop and picked up some FQs (fat quarters for those who don't know quilting terminology) for a project that I want to make for my baby. I also picked up a cute lemon print fabric that I plan on turning into an apron. So I'm off to cut some fabric before heading to bed...this time change has screwed me up. It's going to take a week and a bit for me to get with the program. Oh well, I might as well be productive 'til my internal clock is back to normal!

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